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X's art



  Psi: A pic of my original character Psi. She is a female maverick and will be the main maverick leader in my upcoming fic that is being co-written my one of my friends Auroran Flash.


Auroran Flash, Mega Man X, Zero and Psi: A poster pic of X, Zero and Aurie with Psi in the background. One of my best pics yet! To bad when it scanned it didn't turn out to well...



Ryu and Nina: Yes it's a non MMX pic, so what!? Everyone is aloud to send in non MMX pics if they wish! Now onto the description, it's a drawing of Ryu and Nina from one of my favorite RPG's Breath of Fire 3. 


A Ice Blue X Christmas: A X-mas gift to my dear friend Ice Blue X. 

Ice Blue X, New and Improved: This is another pic of IBX, this time in some new armor. (yes the thumbnail sucks) She's is holding a contest for who can make the best new armor on her page and this was my entry. I can only pray that I win...

. Staticmon: A pic of my digimon Staticmon in all his forms (except Ultimate). And yes I'm aware about Staticmon looking like Raichu.

Starr: Yup! I finally have a colored scanner! WHOO HOO!!!!! This is Starr, AKA Mega Girl X (thanks go out to X2 for allowing me to use her name a bit) She is X's daughter and now sports around a weapon that I call a Valkarye. This is her new armor which is a cross between X's Falcon Armor and Alia's Breastplate. This pic came out great.. only bad thing is that I made her look too much like a guy... Whoops! ^_^'''

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