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Bobcat's Art


Bobcat: A nice pic of Bobcat attacking




Zero Paw and X w/ some new friends: A cute pic of Zero, Paw and X. I have no clue as what is hanging around X but it sure is cute!


Unknown character 1: Cute pic of a character that has yet to be named by Bobcat. I was kinda thinking the name Lynx would fit her nicely. ^_^


Unknown Character 2: Yet another unknown character. In a sense, it looks like a mix between Zero and Iris, but that's just my opinion. 


Zero's new Friend: A simple question comes to mind... aren't dinosaurs supposed to be extinct? Well...are they!?


Zero and Iris: Ah, the way things could've been in X4, but didn't. It's a very beautiful pic of Zero and Iris together.


Zero and Ryo-Ohki: Now this is just so cuuuuute!!! It's Zero and Ryo-Ohki from Tenchi Muyo


Zero w/ his trusty saber: Pretty simple to figure out what this is...


Iris w/ Zero doll: One of my favs, it's a pic with Iris holding a small Zero doll. Very nice Bobcat!


Zero w/o helmet: It's Zero without his helmet looking kinda shocked with Iris in the background.


Bobcat and Megamanx: One of the funniest pics I've ever seen. It bobcat sitting with Megamanx (bobcat's brother joke)