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Where do you want to teleport?

Fanfiction Central

As you figured out this is where the fanfics are stored. If you wish to send in a fic of your own, find out how to send one to me right here (see below). In the meantime the fics are rated like a movie so read at your own discretion. Click on the name on the Image map to take that person's fanfic page. 




Submission Info


You want to send a fanfic? Good! The image map would love to have some new people listed on it. Now all you have to do is follow these guidelines:

1) Make sure your fic is in one of these forms: .html/.htm, .doc, or .txt formats.

2) Rate your fic like you would a movie (G, PG, etc.) in the mail.

3) Send all fics to

All fics will be accepted EXCEPT for fics with to much profanity or  violence, but for the part, all fics shall be excepted.