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Time Crisis

CH 1: The Discovery

Dr. Cain had traveled all over the world in his years, but he had never been to Alaska. The doctor remembered how impressed he had felt at the sight of the Alaskan mountains. Flying over them in his custom-made Quinjet was certainly an experience.

New findings had always excited the archaeologist, and this was no exception. About three weeks ago, a team of scientists found incased in ice what looked like a pair of ancient animals. Since they couldn't identify the find, the scientist called upon the man who had located the greatest archaeological discovery in the modern era: Mega Man X. Yes, Dr. Cain found Dr. Light's lab, and along with it he uncovered X.

As Dr. Cain drove to the site in his rent-a-car, he absorbed the beauty of the untouched landscape. Alaska hadn't changed much since the 20th century, mainly because of the weather.

Just then, he saw a gate in the distance. It was open, so the good doctor drove through. Seeing his old friend, Dr. Lockheart, Cain pulled over and parked near one of the main research buildings. As Cain got out of the car, Lockheart greeted him.

"Aurthur! Glad you could make it." Dr. Lockheart said.

"Thank you. Now tell me, what is all the hype about this new specimen?"

"Ahhh, yes. Let me show it to you. I'll explain on the way."

"All right." Cain said.

"Follow me." Lockheart replied.

Dr. Lockheart led Dr. Cain through the building to an elevator. After pressing the "down" button, Lockheart began to explain.

"You see, two months ago we detected an unusual amount of metallic compositions hundreds of meters below the surface. We immediately built this site to study it. Just three weeks ago we found what looked like preserved animals."

"This much I know." Cain remarked.

"True. But you don't know this. As we dug through more and more ice, we began to see a more detailed picture. It was strange-looking, for sure. There was a large, white, bipedal animal sitting there, and on top of it stood what looked like a member of the feline family."

"A bipedal cat as well? This is interesting." Cain said.

" That's what I thought, at first. Until we got a close look at the white one's arm. Get this. the skin had come off at some point over the years, so we could see what was beneath. What we found was amazing! Instead of muscle or bone, there was a mechanical joint!"

Dr. Cain's eyes lit up with wonder.

"A robot!?!" Cain said excitedly.

"Not just any robot, either. Through radiation-dating, we determined that it was between fifteen and twenty thousand years old!"

"My god! Do you know what this means?" Cain said.

"Yes. Yes I do. This means that there was an advanced civilization living on this planet long before modern man evolved."

As Dr. Cain pondered the limitless amount of possibilities, the elevator screeched to a stop. Stepping off of it, Cain noticed that they had already extracted the specimens from the ice and were studying it.

"We were just starting to check out it's systems when I was informed you were at the airport. I'd say we got down here just in time."

Just as Dr. Lockheart finished saying those words, Dr. Cain started to walk towards the specimens. He recalled feeling the same sense of excitement that he had felt when X was uncovered.

"Can you reactivate him?" Cain asked quickly.

"Well, I'm not sure. We could give it a shot. From what I saw, it uses some sort of regenerating power source, similar to reploids."

"Let me guess. You're out of Reploid power cells."

"You can say that, yes." Lockheart replied.

Dr. Cain thought for a moment. He had plenty of power cells at MHHQ, for sure. But they were very delicate. Transporting them would be risky. The only other option was to ship the specimens to HQ. At least it was warm there.

"David, could I possibly move these specimens to MHHQ?"

Dr. David Lockheart had the same idea, but had just as many concerns.

"Perhaps, but we would have to be careful. Oh, and if you don't mind, I'd like to come along as well." Lockheart replied.

"Of course." Cain said.

After those words, time seemed to fly by as the ancient machine was loaded and transported to MHHQ. When Dr. Cain's Quinjet arrived at HQ, several scientists and hunters were waiting near the helipad. Amung them were Mega Man X and his best friend Zero, who had also heard of the discovery. As soon as the container holding the specimens was unloaded, the scientists hurried to get a glimpse of it. X and Zero, however, chose to help Dr. Cain off the red and silver speed machine.

"So doc, what's the deal with bringing this ancient machine to HQ?" Zero asked rather bluntly.

Dr. Cain could see that Zero was concerned, and answered him in an assuring tone.

"We're going to try to reactivate him using a Reploid power cel." Cain said. "But don't worry. His systems are nothing like a Reploid's, so he shouldn't go maverick on us." he finished, walking towards the entrance.

Neither X nor Zero spoke until they reached the sci-lab. It took a few moments for the specimens to arrive, due to it's tremendous size and weight. As some of the hunters began unloading the mechanical beasts, X decided to ask his question.

"Doctor, do we know if these things have emotions?" X asked.

The question caught Cain off-guard. The truth was, he didn't know. Could the ancients have built a robot that could think and feel for itself? If so, then they could have been even more advanced than his own time. For now, it was best to just answer X.

"Anything's possible, X. You're proof of that."

X seemed satisfied with that answer, even though Dr. Cain himself wasn't.

Already removing an access panel from the white one, Dr. Lockheart asked Dr. Cain for assistance. As the Hunters watched, Cain and Lockheart started the complicated procedure of replacing a power source of unknown origins with a more modern version. Hours passed, and failed attepts became common. Then, as hope was almost lost, something sparked. And hummed. And moved. At precisely the same time, the cat-bot and the white thing opened their eyes. They got up off the table, as if they were one being. The cat tried to speak, but only weird noises came from it's synthetic voice box. Knowing the problem, Cain tried to speak to it.

"I can fix your voice. Can you understand me?" Cain asked slowly.

The cat pointed to it's neck and nodded. It allowed Dr. Cain to work on it's voice while it checked the rest of it's body. Rust here, dents there. Nothing serious. Then, after Cain backed away, the robot spoke for the first time in over twenty thousand years.

"Hey, there! Th' name's Cait Sith. Glad ta meecha!"

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