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Chapter 1: A little problem…

“KaaaaaameeeHaaaaaaMeeeeHAAAAA!” Emerald cried as the beam of energy shot from his hands and destroyed the wild robot. “Whew, that one was the last one, I need to get back to base.” He gasped. He was the only reploid deployed to destroy the renegade robots. “I need to have a little chat with Sgt. Kire…” Emerald thought as the greatly weakened reploid walked to base. His teleporter chip had been disabled in the great battle. At last, he entered the halls of MHHQ. Emerald staggered into Sgt. Kire’s office. “E-Emerald! What happened?” Kire asked, amazed the hunter was so badly hurt. “That’s the point. You only deployed me! Nobody else!” Emerald snapped. “I-I deployed you and…” “WHAT?! I was the only one there!” Emerald yelled. “I deployed you and that new guy Sigma X!” Kire stuttered. “Oh no! This is worse than ever! He’s stronger than you, me, Sigma, Zero, and X together!” Emerald cried. “I don’t think he’s become a maverick…” Kire said. But Emerald wasn’t there. He was staggering down to the repair room. “I can’t believe he went maverick…” Emerald thought. An hour later, Emerald was on his hover-board looking for Sigma X. “ I wonder where SX is…” Emerald said.  “Damned if I know!” X yelled suddenly, who was having fun catching up with Emerald on his newly found pet Rush. “Hey!! Don’t scare me like that!” Emerald yelled at X. “Whatever!” He called back. “Crystal! I need speed! Jet link onto my hover-board!”  Emerald shouted. A green blur linked onto Emerald’s vehicle and increased the speed of his board. “I wish Rush could do that!” X mumbled. “Ro Rhat Rex?” Rush asked. X laughed. “Well, one thing I wish is you could talk in proper English!” He said.  “Roh…ro do ri…” Rush uttered. “AHH!!!” The cry came from thin air as something blew Emerald off his hover-board. An invisible soundwave. “Emerald! Oh no, he’d never fall off on his own! What happened?” X said out loud.  “AHHHHHHHHHHH!” Emerald said calmly. CLUNK. He hit the ground on his shoulder. “Owww…”  Emerald said. Body fluids flew out of the wound. Suddenly, 3 mavericks jumped out. Serges, Agile, and Violen. The X-hunters. “Oh god…” Emerald thought. “Ha ha, another great man to join the mavericks.” Agile laughed. “What?! I’d never join…” Emerald’s voice trailed off as the nullifier went full force into his system. “Now, take him back to HQ.” Agile ordered. Violen picked up Emerald’s limp body and jogged back to X-hunter HQ. Back at the MHHQ…

“…And he suddenly fell off his board?” Kire said, glaring at X. “Yes sir, Rush here saw it too.” “Reah, re rid!” Rush yipped. “Hmm…send 3 search parties out, X. Zero and his unit are one. Aurie and a few recruits are one, too. You can go with Rush.” “Yes sir.” X said respectively as he turned around to walk out the door. “X?” Kire said quickly. “Yes?” X asked. “Call me Sgt. or Kire, OK?” “Yes, Sgt.” X said.  Later at Maverick HQ… “His system is amazing,” Doppler said, looking up  from his work. “None of our virus’s can penetrate his defenses.” He continued. “What’ll we do with him?” Doom asked. “Kill him, of course. If we can’t make him a maverick, then we’ll get rid of him.” Vile said as he burst into the room. “Good idea.” You’ll get to give him the deathblow. Do it now.” Doppler said quickly. “So, do that to my brother, will they?” Blaze thought, flying above the MHQ.  “I’ll give them a little surprise.” He said. He jetted to the execution room.

Chapter 2: The silver reploid

“I can’t believe it!” Zero said. “Neither can I, sir.”  A unit member said. “Shaddup and drive your Armor, bud.” Zero barked. “Oy, all I wanted was some sleep.” Aurie grumbled. “Emerald is strong, I don’t think he’s in too much trouble…”A unit scout said. “Yeah right!” A voice boomed behind the hunters. “Oh no, it’s Doomsday.”  X mumbled. “How many times to I have to say it, I’m NOT a maverick just because I’m not with the hunters.” Doomsday said glumly, flashing his fangs. “Whatever, man, anyway, how do you know how Emerald’s doing?” Zero said as he glared at the half-vampire reploid. “I listened in on the mavericks, hippie-boy,” Doomsday began, flapping his wings as he spoke. “They tried to make him a maverick, but…” “Wait a sec,” X said, interrupting Doomsday. “How can we believe you?” “This  way,” Doomsday muttered as he took out a voice recorder. “His system is amazing, none of our viruses can penetrate his defenses. What’ll we do with him? Kill him, of course. If we can’t make him a maverick, then we’ll get rid of him. Good idea, you’ll get to give him the deathblow. Do it now.” It said. “Oh no!” Aurie said, surprised the mavericks would do such a thing. “It’s horrible, isn’t it?” A silver Reploid said, jetting along with the flying hunters and the armor riding ones. “Who’re YOU?” Doomsday said gruffly. “My name’s…my name has no importance to you.” He said. He was completely silver, and wore shades over his eyes. “You look kinda…familiar.” Aurie said. “Yeah right, I’m outta here.”  He said as he blasted ahead of the groups with amazing speed. “OK, here’s about where he fell off, let’s split now.” X said. The three groups split apart in three directions. 

Chapter 3: Lives saved…but 1 lost

3 hours later…“Jeez, so many of ‘em!” Zero yelled. 30 mavericks were battling Zero, his hunting group had gone back to base for repairs and would not be back. “AHHH!” Zero cried. He was blasted with an electrical disable beam. “Leave the hunter alone!” Someone said. “Wha…?” One maverick said. A huge explosion rocked the forest. A plasma blast the size of a lake hit and destroyed all the mavericks, but Zero who had been in the center of the blast, was unhurt, and the disable sphere was gone. “I though you might have needed some help back there.” The silver robot said.” “Thanks and who are…” Zero began. But the robot was gone. “HOLY CRIPES!” X cried. “Relp rus!” Rush cried, shortly before being knocked out.  Crystal, who was once under the protection of X, lay on the ground, unconscious. Or he was once… “Oh…” X passed out as Nightshade blasted him. “Time for a snack…” She said, letting her fangs show. “But first, I’ll kill that A-CHOO! Cat.” She sniffled and walked over to the cat. She picked him up and was about to throw him down when all of a sudden, a flash hit her and she fell down, dropping the poor metallic animal. “Haven’t ya ever heard of the humane society?” Someone said. The silver reploid appeared. He took out some small chip and put it into Nightshade’s arm cannon. She exploded. “Crystal, Rush, you guys okay?” He said. “X, get of your butt!” He yelled, jerking the three awake. “T-thanks…” X said, but again the robot disappeared. “Who the heck IS that guy?” X asked. “AUGH! ERRH!” Doomsday cried, blasted with a fully charged blast, followed by a fireball, then by his weakness. The hydro-blast.  “Hang tight Doomsday, help’s on the way!” The silver reploid yelled, shooting at the attacking enemies on the way. “NOOOOO!” Doomsday cried. He then fell dead. “Oh #$%^$^%$!” The silver one said as he landed. “By god, I’ll mavericks…” He said, looking down upon his friend. “I was the only one he could trust…but he had no spirit…” The ‘undead’ Emerald said, removing the shades from his face. He looked ahead and gasped. There was poor Auroran Flash, down on the ground, 4 mavericks tackling her, 1 watching her squirm in pleasure. “AUGH! Lemme go!” She yelled, struggling. “Nighty night, hunter…” Doom said, putting his arm cannon to her head. “NO! I LOST ONE FRIEND, I’M NOT GONNA LOSE ANOTHER!” Emerald cried, running into the group. He took out a gift from Doomsday, the amazingly powerful fang attack, and put it into his system. Then, he sunk the energy fangs into  Doom’s neck, letting them draw the energy out of him. He removed the fangs, then blew the other 4 mavericks away. “Huh…?” Aurie said. “Sorry I couldn’t help you before there.” He said, then, he disappeared. “I think I’ve been drinking too much…” She thought. “NO! I’m too late! Emerald’s dead! NOOOOO!” Blaze cried. “I’m sorry, brother, I feel your pain.” A robot materialized behind Blaze. “Thanks, Shade man, I know one way we can take revenge on those stupid mavericks.” “How?” Shade man said with his Transylvanian accent. “We take all the Wilybots, including me, you, and the whole lot, and we storm the Maverick base, we’ll take no prisoners, we’ll have no mercy.” “Good idea.” Shade said. “I’ll assemble the army.” Blaze said. “Dr. Doppler! Dr. Doppler!” A maverick called out at the Maverick base. “What? What?” He replied. “We’ve developed a new virus that can go through Emerald’s defenses!” “WHAT!? Amazing! Give it to me, and give me his body!” Doppler cried, dropping his paperwork. “Yes sir!” He yelled, and retrieved the two ordered items. 2 hours later… “Hello, Emerald, how are you feeling?” Vile asked, pretending he had been Emerald’s friend a long time. “I-I’m feeling kinda groggy…” “That’s okay. Well, let me explain what we need to do…” Vile said. After explaining Emerald’s ‘purpose’ to him, Emerald was sent on his ‘first’ mission. “Die, hunters!” Emerald yelled. “Oh my lord…They made him into a maverick!” Zero cried. KABOOM! X was thrown 8 yards back by a hit from Emerald. “Emerald…don’t you remember us? We’re your friends!” Aurie asked, trying to soothe the angered maverick. “I have no friends!” Emerald shouted, shooting his former pet Crystal, he had lost his memory banks from the horrid, twisted virus. BOOM! A huge bomb rocked the Maverick HQ. “The base!” Serges cried. A HUGE Crystal ball surrounded most of the mavericks, except Vile, Emerald and Sigma X, shortly after Sigma X and Vile were destroyed by a fire beam. “Who the heck ARE you guys?” Emerald demanded, seeing the Wilybots attacking the base. “Your brothers!” Blaze yelled. “What are you talking about? I have no brothers!” Emerald snapped. “It’s that virus, Emerald!” Charge man yelled. “I HAVE NO BROTHERS!” Emerald yelled, with a bit of Maverick arrogance. Gemini man raised his arm cannon and said, “Sorry, Emerald,  this is for your own good.” A flash hit Emerald, and Emerald fell to the ground unconscious. The battle raged on while some Wilybots began erasing the virus from his systems, while two more tried to restore his memory. After the stupendous battle, in MHHQ, Emerald lied in a Maverick hunter bed. “Ohhh…What happened?” He said as he awoke. He rubbed the back of his head. He saw his helmet, on a stool near the bed. “Emerald?” A doctor poked his head in the doorway. “You have a visitor.” He said. “Huh…?” Emerald muttered, trying to get used to thee nullifier’s aftereffect. “Emerald?” Blaze asked. “Yeah, Blaze?” “We-we’re sorry we had to hurt you before. “What? Huh?” Emerald said in confusion…then, the memories came back slowly…”It’s…it’s okay. I deserved it.” Emerald said shakily. Then, he snapped fully awake. “Doomsday! My friend Doomsday! We’ve got to rebuild him!” Emerald cried. “We’ve already done that, but due to damage, he needed new parts. Let me introduce you Doomsday X.” Blaze said patiently. Doomsday X appeared in the doorway. “Doomsday! Are you okay?” “My name is Doomsday X, but since you’re my best friend, you may call me DX.” Emerald shakily stood up, and walked over to DX. “Hi, DX.” Emerald said. He placed his arm on DX’s shoulder and grinned.