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Bass and Emerald

Chapter 1:Rage Attack

“Hey, Emerald.” “Yeah, Diamond?” “Can I tell you something?” “Well, okay.” “Well, Emerald, X says he found another Wily-capsule, go check it out.” “Okay.” Emerald said as he went into his original form of a Sleek, Black and gold robot named Bass. You see, Emerald can only get Wily’s upgrades as Bass. “Hey, C’mon Treble!” Bass called to Crystal, his cat, who had transformed into Bass’s pet dog Treble. Treble yipped in excitement and leaped into Bass’s arms. Bass walked down to X’s room. “Hey, Bass.” “Hi X. You found a capsule for me?” “Yep, over here.”  X said and motioned for Bass to come over. “Okay, ride’s over Treble.” Bass said as he let go of his pet dog, who landed on all fours and followed his master. “Enter this capsule, Bass.” Dr. Wily said. Ever since he lost to MM 50 years ago, he had been a good guy and made Bass good, and into Emerald. “Receive this special attack. It will make you go hyper-angry after taking ten hits. You will become faster, stronger, more agile, and you will be increased in every way.” Wily said as he disappeared. Bass stepped into the capsule.

Chapter 2: Test time!

FLASH! He felt a chip fall into his system. Bass stepped out of the capsule and turned back to Emerald, who now had the same attack that Bass did.  Treble abruptly turned back to Crystal. “Well, we’ll test the chip. X? Take all the valuable things outside and put them inside so I can test this out.” “Okay!” X said as he sprinted out the door, removing all valuable things from the outdoors. Emerald stepped outside and used an adapter to test out the attack. Emerald turned into a red, and green flashing reploid and felt the huge surge of POWER! Not only that, he felt ANGER! He jumped 1000 feet up and landed on one foot, then jumped up and shot a level 1000 shot without trouble. He began to charge up his crystal beam like his buster. He slashed with it 60 times a second. Slash! Slash! Slash! He cut a tree into nothing! He charged his Ruby sword and when he slashed, he made a HUGE diamond on the sword, then he threw it off the sword. It hit a tree and engulfed it in Diamond! He deactivated his special ability, than turned Green again, not feeling at all tired, found he could spin until he became a tornado when doing that attack. X, Zero, Auroran Flash, Sapphire, and all the hunters in section A of the building saw his attack, and seemed to be in shock.


Chapter 3: 4 forms! No Way!



“Awesome attack man, Wily must’ve made you the BEST!” Zero said, giving his “brother” a hi-five. (just so ya know, Wily made Zero too, so that means Zero and Emerald are bros.) “Yeah, the best part is that I get no after affects like exhaustion!” Emerald said, transforming into Bass again. Treble licked Zero’s face as he picked up Bass’s dog.  “Bass to the training room!” The intercom boomed. “Hmm…another capsule?” Bass thought as he picked up Treble. Bass happily jogged to the training room. “Hey Bass!” Sapphire called as he made the coup de grace on a target with his buster. “Hey, Sapphire. Find out who created you yet?” “Nah, I wish I knew…” Sapphire’s voice trailed off. Bass patted Sapphire on the back. “There, there. You’ll find out who he is.” Bass said assuringly.  “Thanks, Bass. The capsules over there.” Sapphire pointed to a room out back. “Okay, see ya.” Bass called over his shoulder. He again saw the shady figure of Dr. Wily in the capsule. “Bass, this enhancement will allow you to join up with Treble like you used to be able to. Emerald, after Bass receives this enhancement, you step in. You’ll be able to fuse with Crystal. Goodbye, my boy.” Bass grinned and stepped into the capsule. FLASH! He now could fuse together with Treble.  Bass stepped out and became Emerald. He stepped into the capsule. FLASH! Now Emerald could be himself, Bass, Bass and Treble fused together, called Trouble, and be Emerald fused with Crystal, called Starfire. Emerald became Starfire. Starfire was orange, had rockets on his back, a cat tail like Crystals, a little pit of pointiness of his ears, a buster that shot out blades, and another buster that shot out normal plasma shots, but instead, each plasma shot was level 10. A charged shot was level 100. His sabers turned into propellers so he could fly. “Neat, let’s see Trouble!” Starfire transformed into Trouble. He had wings, a shield, and his hands had claws of beam sabers. “Man, I better become Bass.” Trouble thought. He became Bass.


Chapter 4: Starfire meets Sigma



“Mavericks are invading the base!” A rookie hunter yelled before being blown into dust. “STARFIRE TIME!” Bass yelled as he became Starfire. He flew up and shot a blade through Vile’s side. He finished off Vile with a level 10 shot, but not before taking a hit. “Ouch!” Starfire rubbed his arm where the shot hit and then went after Boomer Kwanger, who was torturing X  by tossing him into the ceiling. Poor X was unconscious.  “HEY! Don’t mess with the Blue Bomber!!!” Starfire yelled as he cut off Kwanger’s leg with his propellers then blasted him into pieces. X slowly regained consciousness. “Ohhh…What hit me?” X said as he awoke to see a new face above him. “AHHH!” X yelled. “Whoa, don’t worry, it’s me, Bass.” Starfire said. “Oh…” X said as he rubbed the back of his helmet. Starfire was shot in the back 2 times by an old foe known as Chameleon. Sting Chameleon. Starfire became Bass. “Treble, go kill!” Bass yelled and pointed towards the maverick. 2 seconds later, Sting Chameleon was dead and Treble was munching on a piece of his tail. Bass became Starfire. He took 4 in the face by…Sigma…




Chapter 5: Temper, temper!


          “Hey!” Starfire yelled as he dodged 2 more shots. Starfire shot a level. 100 shot at Sigma and he succeeded in making Sigma…laugh? “Hahahahahahaha, you’ll never kill me! I’m stronger now!” He cackled. Sigma shot Starfire 3 more times and Starfire began to Flash Green and Red as he became Emerald. “You are GONNA PAY!!!” Emerald yelled as he leaped at Sigma at over 1000 miles a second, knocking him back 1000 yards. “AHHH!” Sigma yelled. Emerald charged his sabers up and threw them into the ground, making a huge explosion that rocked the continent. “DIE!!!” Emerald yelled as he dodged all the attacks that Sigma shot and shot a level 5000 shot in Sigma’s face, making Emerald impossible to see. “AUGHH!” Sigma yelled. But Emerald wasn’t done. He transformed into a tornado and crashed into Sigma. All the mavericks at the base had stopped to watch the amazing attacks, and had died because they had lost their attention in the heat of battle. Emerald picked up Sigma’s body and snapped it in half[1]. “That was fun!” Emerald said as he threw the jumble of nuts and bolts to the ground.  Sigma’s virus was put into a small container, to be burnt, until the tragic day a janitor knocked it over…



It’s definitely not…




[1] X, Zero, Bass, Treble, Sigma, Vile, and all the other mavericks in this story belong to Capcom. Emerald, Starfire, and Trouble are MINE! Sapphire belongs to Sapphire, Auroran Flash belongs to Auroran Flash.