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Emerald—past to present

Chapter 1: the destruction of Bass

          “Die Mega man!” Bass cried, firing his forte buster in a frenzy to destroy his nemesis. “No way, Bass” Mega man yelled back, firing plasma shots. The two clashed on and on, both looking for an opening to attack their enemy.  “Treble! Go kill!” Bass shouted suddenly, and a purple beam hit the ground, and formed into Treble. He snarled, and was about to lunge at Mega man, but quickly, Mega man called in Rush to tango with the wolf.  The battle raged for hours, neither side was showing anything remotely CLOSE to mercy. “Hey, Bass, time to die!” Mega Man yelled suddenly. A sudden flash blinded the black warrior. He had turned purple, red, and outlined gold and silver. He had an amulet in his chest, which glowed like the last ember in a fire. “Wha…?” Bass said, in obvious rage and confusion. “Now, then, THIS’LL do you in!” Mega Master cried, firing a beam from the amulet. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” Bass cried, taking the beam full on…

Chapter 2:Oh great, Wily messed up on Zero!

“Duh…Bass is dead…”Guts Man said. “Gee WIZ, what gave THAT away?” Shadow man snapped. “Shuddap, both of ya, or I’ll chock you full of ring boomerangs.” Ring man muttered. “Let’s just get him to the Doc…” Cut man said. The four Wilybots picked up Bass’s twisted, burnt form. They teleported away, and landed at Dr. Wily’s door. “Yo, doc, we got us a problem.” Shadow man shouted. “Damnit, you just messed up my work on Zero! Now he can’t use his X-buster for long!” Wily said, severely peeved. “But Bass…” “QUIET!” Wily yelled.  “BASS IS DEAD, YOU SENILE PIECE OF…” Ring man yelled. “WHAT?!” Wily yelled, dashing to the door faster than Bass could have. He rammed into the door, threw it open, and Cut man, who was behind the door, was sent flying. They found him later in an air conditioning vent on the other side of the castle. Anyway, back to our story…”What the heck happened to him?!”  Wily cried. “He was blasted to death by Mega man, I think.” Shadow man said. “Actually, Master Man killed him.” Said Doctor Light, appearing suddenly on the transmitter with a sly grin on his face. “Thomas Xavier Light, WHAT DID YOU GIVE TO MEGAMAN THAT CULD KILL BASS?!” Wily shouted. Light took a moment to light his pipe before he replied. “I gave him the Master adapter. It’s too complex for the likes of you to understand, Albert, so don’t ask.” Light said wickedly. “Grr…” Treble limped in, whimpering. He was severely burnt. He looked at Doctor Light, growled, and collapsed. Shadow man ran to the wolf’s side, because he was a friend of Bass and Treble (It was that time Shadow man gave Bass a shadow blade to put in Mega man’s underpants when he went into Dr. Light’s lab, but that’s another story), and had gotten to know Treble as a friend. The Wilybot, tear-stricken, put his ear on Treble’s chest. He heard nothing, so he got up, picked up Treble’s body, and started sobbing into it. Light laughed. “Damnit, you killed Treble too?! WAHHHHHH!!!” He cried, and ran.