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Chapter 1:
The Discovery:

     Dr. Cain grinned as he broke through yet another layer, he knew there was something down there, the scanner had picked up a large hollow area with a collection of large hard objects, perhaps he finally found the fossils he was looking for.
     Cain looked over his shoulder and shouted, "Alright team! This could be it! I have a gut feeling!"
     "Then take a Malox and go to sleep."
     "Shut up Bill."
     Sonya walked up next to Cain and placed a bomb in the dig site. Cain ran over to the camp and waited for the explosion, "Be CAREFUL! You could damage some of the fossils inside!"
     "Shut up you old fart! I know what I'm doing; anyway that was the last layer. Look!"
     Cain did so, and what he saw shocked ten years of his already near over life. Inside there were computers, wires and papers.
     "Well I'll be damned"
     "You already are you old perv!"
     "Shut up. Look! It's a lab of some sorts!" Now the assistants get to have shortened lives, the elderly professor leapt down into the hole. Everyone either screamed or stared as the Prof. Seemed to leap to his doom.
     "Whoa, be careful old man! You still have a few years left on ya' wouldn't want ya' wasting 'em all on some stupid stunt!"
     "Didn't anyone ever teach you any respect? Come on! You're Archaeologists! You should treat the old gently and with kindness! Now come down here! If my legs can take it yours should be able to!"
     Dr. Cain searched around and once he saw a picture he knew what they had found.

     The next morning after much work the elderly scientist found something even more amazing, a capsule. Seeing that all the lights were green he opted to open it. He was glad he did. What was inside appeared to be human, only with deep blue armor on, but he knew better, it was a robot. The very same one Right's notes referred to! It opened its eyes and looked at the elderly man, "W-who are you? Where am I?" After looking himself over he looked back up and added, "WHAT am I!?!"
     "Heheh inquisitive aren't ya'? I am Dr. Theodore Cain," (Don't bug me if the name is wrong, it's my best guess)
     "Hello... I am..." The robot thought for a second, "Yakasa Rock Right"
     "Interesting... Yes-um come with me Yakasa,"
     "Oka-lee-dee but can I sleep a little longer first?" Yakasa collapsed onto the floor.
     "Oh honestly!" Cain proceeded to drag the fainted robot back to camp; shortly he threw his back out and called for help.

     "Rock? Rock? Are you alright?"
     His eyes opened slowly, before him was a beautiful girl, with messy blonde hair and a large bow in her hair.
     "Y-Yeah I'm fine Ro-R-Roll-oll-ll..."
     A scientist came over and looked him over, then shook his head mournfully, his eyes turned to another, one in red armor, one wearing a scarf...

     "Hey! Rocky! Wake up sleepy head!" A woman with a strange uniform knocks on Yakasa's head.
     "H-hey! Ow! That hurts!"
     "Heh sorry, the doc wants ya', scuze me." The woman got up and wandered off.
     "Ow... jeeze..."
     An old man entered the room, "Good morning 'X'"
     "A-uh good morning, um am I going to have to deal with many of these people?"
     "Oh no, no, no! They're just assistants, they'll be onto the next scientist by next Tuesday!"
     "What day is today?"

     The next day Dr. Cain and 'Rockman X' entered an argument, Dr. Cain ended it with an enthusiastic, 'Astounding' and proceeded to work on HIS first 'Reploid' enthusiastically awaiting X's reaction.
     "I don't understand; why do you need another Reploid?"
     "It's simple really X; humans, as a species, are lazy creatures, whenever there is work to be done we look for the least time consuming, least active manner of doing so! So you see, a clever businessman, such as myself, takes every opportunity to take advantage of this laziness. Such as robots to do the work for us! Even better if they can think on there own, then they don't need as much supervision or maintenance, simply put; we need them to work for us!"
     "Okay..." X moaned slightly and plopped himself onto the couch while Cain left, "It's just not right..."

     A while later Cain had succeeded in developing his own reploid industry and mass production of reploids quickly spread. Yakasa was lost in the speed of reploid development, and soon faded into the background. The azure reploid lived with Doctor Cain, he never did anything there; he simply was.
     Then it happened. A group of three construction reploids attacked humans; all the humans at the construction site were killed, with those trying to defend them. Some officers managed to dispatch with them by using electro-magnetic pulses to stun and deactivate them. The reploids were studied in a lab somewhere but the findings were not announced for a long time.
     While urgently awaiting the news, X questioned the intelligence of mass-producing Reploids. Cain assured him that it was just a glitch in their programming that didn't comfort X at all.
     Cain was proven wrong. More 'Maverick outbreaks' occurred. More and more of the Irregulars escaped to wreak havoc again. The problem got so bad that a team of reploids was formed to stop them; this team was titled "The 'Irregular Hunters', a simple answer to the problem, wouldn't you say so X?"
     X shook his head "I'm not too sure. What if these hunters went maverick themselves?"
     Cain smiled, "Then the leader shall take care of them. I have designed a new reploid, one who cannot go maverick; X, meet Sigma."
     A tall bald reploid entered the room, his armor was a deep green and he wore tall brown-leather boots. He had a single red jewel in his forehead, apparently his weapon, though not his primary one, on his belt was a new style of weapon; a Bean Saber. The hunter also had a warm smile. X liked Sigma; even though he was a warrior, X could tell he was kind and a good leader.
     Sigma extended a hand, "Good to meet you Yakasa."
     X took Sigma's hand in a friendly shake, "Nice to meet you too."

     Sigma was indeed a good leader; none of the hunters feared a thing when Sigma was with them. In order to increase the effectiveness of the hunters Sigma requested the construction of eight elite hunters; Chill Penguin, Storm Eagle, Flame Mammoth, Spark Mandrill, Armored Armadillo, Boomer Kuwanger, Launch Octopus and Sting Chameleon.
     One day a red maverick appeared and slaughtered people in a factory. Sigma dispatched a group of hunters there, Sigma's calm blue eyes burned with anger and he clenched his fists hard when he heard what happened to his men. He went to the field himself.

     "Commander Sigma? Should we go-"
     "No. I don't want anymore of my men being killed. I'll go in myself." Sigma marched into the factory, his men staring after him.
     "That irregular's done for. The commander can take anyone..."
     Sigma looked at the tall figure before him, it licked its hand, lapping up blood. Even though the creature was tall it did not come close to matching his height. The maverick turned and lunged at Sigma. The hunter dodged to the side easily, the Maverick swung a foot at Sigma but again, no contact. Sigma punched the Maverick and threw him into the ceiling.
     It grabbed onto two bars next its head and pulled itself free and it appeared to be... smiling? He ripped a bar out of the ceiling and dropped onto the floor. Sigma drew his beam saber. The antagonists lunged at each other, blade meeting bar. The battle continued up onto the rafters. Sigma had the upper hand, his attacks sent the maverick back and it wouldn't be long until he lowered his guard.
     Then the battle turned. The maverick knocked Sigma's saber out of his hand, Sigma fell over to recover from the blow. Discarding his weapon the irregular walked up and kicked Sigma. Continuous blows, Sigma's skin was torn off over his right eye and the entire left side of his head, he was even missing his left arm. The maverick threw Sigma and kicked him in the gut Sigma screamed in pain as the maverick drew his fist back for the finishing blow. Sigma awaited the end, but it never came he looked up to see the maverick screaming in pain, a W in the blue jewel on the maverick's helmet. Sigma took the opportunity to punch the maverick, shattering the jewel and knocking it out.

     "Look there he is now-huh!?"
     Sigma walked out of the factory, clutching the space where his left arm had been, "Urh-I-ugh-want that maverick taken in-to be examined..."
     "Co-commander Sigma?"

     X spent his time in the Tokyo Irregular Hunter base after meeting Sigma. He'd discovered that many of the hunters were very good people. Despite his hatred of violence he enjoyed talking with several of the hunters.
     A new hunter had recently joined and everyone called him Zero. His rank quickly soared. Zero came to be second in command of the 17th unit.
     X sat in the cafeteria all on his lonesome, watching Zero break up a fight. X examined his drink, Zero disserved the position very much; he was cool and calm and never failed to raise morale. In addition when someone needed it he would become friendly and cheer them up. Zero was definitely a good leader. If only I could be like-
     X's thoughts were interrupted when he realized Silia had seated herself on the other end of the table. X quickly straightened up and turned to her.
     Silia was one of the most beautiful hunters in the base, and everyone knew it except her. She was also very skilled, this she knew. In battle she wore her blonde hair in a ponytail, to keep it out of the way, but know it hung loose and at least in X's mind, it made her even more beautiful. Her armor was blue, silver, pink and red, her weaponry was a set of beam sabers and a duel bladed staff. As she smiled X's face turned a very deep shade of red.
     "Hi X, do you mind if I sit here?"
     X blinked and stumbled out, "N-no."
     "Cool, I see you were watching Zero. He is amazing, wish I knew more 'bout him though."
     X fought to keep from staring and stuttered, "Y-yeah."
     Silia giggled, "Wonder what he thinks of me..."
     X looked down, "I-I don't know..."
     This time Silia out right laughed, slamming her drink on the table and holding her free hand up to her mouth trying to stop laughing, she held her hand that had once been holding her glass out signaling to wait. She slowly stopped laughing and started talking while still snickering, "Heh-heh I->snort<-I'm sorry hee, I was just joshin' ya X! Heheh, I probably couldn't care less for Zero."
     X looked up and gave Silia a puzzled look.
     "Oh come on X. Could you have been any more obvious?"
     X lowered his head; "I could have shouted it over the intercom like Buster did."
     Silia laughed again, "Yeah, you could have! But you also coulda been like me."
     X looked back up to Silia, "What?"
     Silia leaned forwards, resting her chin on her hands, "See, I wasn't the least bit obvious, but I guess you've figured it out now huh?" Silia smiled and tilted her head to one side.
     X pointed to Silia, "Y-you?" he then pointed at himself, "M-me!?"
     Silia smiled and blushed, "Yeah... heh I guess I just made myself look like a total ditz huh?" she placed her right hand on X's, "I've had a crush on you for a while X... and if I had any sense I would have tried to become friends with you first."
     She began to get up but X put his hand on her shoulder, "I think you handled yourself quite gracefully, anyway all the ditzy women are flocking over Zero... anyway, why do you like me?"
     Silia raised an eyebrow "Why do you like me?"
     X smiled, "Good question, I guess just because you're beautiful, smart, brave and a very good friend."
     "How do you know how good a friend I am?" Silia was now thoroughly confused.
     "You are always kind to people, you (almost) never brag, and well I saw you cheering Bukau up after he was rejected from the 17th unit. Now you answer my question"
     "Heh... well I guess it's just because I liked the way you stood up for Buster when Chaerucon tried to beat him up."

     Disgusting... Sigma fell into his quarters, something was wrong, he hadn't felt quite right since he defeated Zero. He had been arguing with his own thoughts. He had had to fight the urge to kill Cain when he reported to the old scientist. Something was wrong.

     "I'm afraid I don't see what's wrong," Zero pressed his fingers togethe.
     "Well... you see... some of my friends have... well you see..."
     "It's okay Silia, you can trust me. I won't tell your secret."
     Silia bit her lip, "Well some of my friends... they've... please... I don't want them hurt. But..."
     "No one will be hurt. Are you here to report maverick activity?"
     "No! They've been talking like irregulars, but they haven't tried anything... please don't tell the commander... I just want to know: should I report them?"
     "Depends on the situation. How are they talking like irregulars? Have they threatened a human? Why have you questioned reporting them? These are all questions to consider. But there's something else wrong I can tell. What is it?"
     Silia blushed and rubbed her hand behind her head, "Well you see... there's this guy..."
     "Ah! I see, does he know how you feel?"
     "Well yes."
     "And does he share your feelings?"
     "Yeah, he's wild about me."
     "Then yet again I don't see the problem."
     "Well... you know X right?"
     "Yes but- ohhhh. What's the problem."
     "X is a pacifist."
     "Yes, I see, and you're worried your occupation will get in the way of your relationship, right?"
     "Y-yeah... X is a real good man... I'd do anything for him..."
     "X is a very understanding person, I don't think you have to worry. Now what else is there?"
     "It's okay, you can tell me."
     "I had violent thoughts concerning a human yesterday."

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