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" Well, this looks like the place…" Zero said as he looks over a large rock, overlooking a Maverick Base. "…but why would Sigma build a base here?" he continued.

" I don’t know, Sigma must be planning something big" X answered with a look of determination on his face. Aurie was crouched next to him, looking at a large bunker that was sitting in the middle of the base.

" How are we going to get inside of that thing. I mean look at it… it’s like a fortress. We’ll need a tank to get through its armor." Aurie points out.

The bunker itself was pretty well guarded: search lights, guards, and defensive turrets, all on full alert.

" Sigma is hiding something, something big!" X says in disgust.

" Yeah… but what?" Zero added.

" Well we’re not going to find out by just sitting here, are we?" Aurie said with an impatient look on her face.

" All right then we’ll split up and meet at that bunker: Zero, you go after that tank that is on the western perimeter. Auroran, you attack the secondary forces from the east and I’ll attack the main forces from the south."

"Don’t ya think we should call for re-enforcement’s" Aurie asks.

" No… it’ll take to much time for them to get here. Besides… this should be like a walk in the park." X assured.

" Well… we better get going." Zero announced. " See ya". The Scarlet repliod dashed away, his long blonde hair swaying in the wind.

" Take care Aurie" X said with a small smile on his face.

" Oh X, I didn’t know you cared..." she said when she wrapped her arms around him. It wasn’t often X showed his feelings for her. He cares deeply about Aurie but he doesn’t like to show it. " Well… we better get going" X choked out after she let go of her bonecrushing hug trying to keep her from saying what he knew she would say.

" Sure thing… Meggy!"

They both dashed away. Little did they realize, they were walking right into a trap. A trap that would be the wildest ‘time’ of their lives…

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