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"Chapter 1: The Backtrack"

Zero quietly made his way from one stack of metal crates to another with his deactivated beam saber in his hand so not to give away his presence. Before long, he reached the pad the hover tank was parked on. Zero slowly peered his head around the corner to see what was happening. What he saw came as a surprise to him, 2 rookie mavericks were arguing over who would drive the tank.

" You drove it last time, it’s my turn now!" the short green one demanded. " You crashed it the last time you drove… you shouldn’t even be driving at all." The taller, yellow one yelled back. " Damn…" Zero thought to himself "… these guys are idiots. Getting the tank is going to be easy" he continued to himself. From out of the shadows behind the tank, a tall black reploid stepped up. The two stopped their futile argument and saluted the commander.

" What the hell are you 2 still doing here…" he screamed aloud with a deep voice "… you were suppose to be on your patrol 10 minutes ago. If Sigma finds out or the hunters attack us, we all are going to get it. Now get out of here…" the two saluted him and just stood there "…NOW!!!" he boomed. " Y-Y-Yes sir." The two answer as they scrambled to get in the tank’s hatch as the commander walked away.

Zero slowly emerged out of his hiding spot, being sure no one saw him. He made his way to the tank and after thinking over what he can do to get inside, he decided the silliest way to get in. He knocked on the tank’s door and yelled " PIZZA!!!"

"Man Zero… how low can you go?" He thought to himself.

To his surprise the door opened and dumb and dumber was standing there. " Pizza!? Where!?" both of them said as their tongues hanged out of their mouths. Before they realized they were doped Zero had jumped kicked the both of them and then knocked their lights out with both of their heads. " Well… it worked!". Zero tossed the two out of the tank, started it up, and drove towards the center of the base.

The black commander repliod was walking when all of a sudden he heard something approaching from behind. He turned around and his face turned pale. The hover tank was coming right at him at top speed. " What the… you IDIOTS. STOP!!!" he screamed before the tank rammed him, leaving a major dent in his chest plate and knocking him flat on the ground. As the tank sped off, a hatch in the back opened and released a small-detonator mine and it landed right on top of him. All that was heard was a loud scream, followed by an explosion.


On the eastern perimeter of the base, Aurie was fighting a small defense force. She had taken out half of the mavericks but when two hover tanks and several more mavericks with Ridden-class Robot Ride Armors arrived, it became a game of cat and mouse.

Aurie dashed towards another Ridden with her saber in hand and performed the Shippuuga attack, destroying it before it had a chance to attack or defend itself. " 3 down, 4 to go…" she thought to herself as she dodged a swing of the laser blade of another Ridden. The tanks took aim at Auroran and fired. She sidestepped the blasts and one of them hit another Ridden behind her. " That was too close…" she said with the sound of relive in her voice. She knew that she couldn’t hold up for long against 3 Ridden’s and 2 heavy attack tanks, not without some kind of help.

Aurie rushed over to a small bunker and slammed the large metal doors shut before the Ridden’s had gotten there. She breathed a sigh of relief and back away from the doors just as the Ridden’s started to punch the door. " A walk in the park eh?" she said to herself

X, on the other hand, had everything under control. " Eat this!" X shouted as he fired a fully charged blast at a small defense turret housed on a small tower, toppling it over on a nearby hover tank and caused it to explode with it. The mavericks retaliated with a hail of plasma fire forcing X to take cover. He dived into a small trench and fired a few shots back before ducking for cover. X began to charge his X-buster again but was interrupted by a grenade landing right beside him. " That will force him out… " one of the soldiers shouted with a smile on his face and began to laugh. Without hesitation ked the grenade up and threw it at the laughing maverick, hitting him right in the face knocking him down and dived back in the trench. All the other soldiers scattered, trying to get away from the grenade but were destroyed when it exploded. Debris went flying everywhere, some even landed in the trench, more importantly, the once laughing maverick’s head landed next to X. He gave it a funny look then slowly peeked his head above the trench. " All of them?" he asked out loud as he stood up and climbed out of the trench. " Man… that was one powerful grenade" he thought to himself as he looked around and started for the central compound.

The metal doors were starting of buckle. Aurie looked around her to see if there was another way out. Around her were metal barrels and above her the ceiling had a large window. Squinting she examined one of the barrels with the little light that was coming from the moon that was shining through the window above. " O-L-I-N-E" it read in big red bold letters. She rolled the barrel around and there were more letters. " G-A-S-O-L-I-N-E… GASLOLINE!!!! You gotta be kidding!" she screamed. Looking out the window next to the doors, she saw the two tanks preparing to fire missiles at the building. " You REALLY gotta be kidding!"

The doors started to fall apart. In the back of the bunker she saw a large crate. She climbed it and made a jump for the window. " It’s too high". She lands back on the crate but doing so made it buckle and collapse and she hits the floor. What she saw in the box made her eyes light up. The Ridden’s finally break the doors down and backs away. The tanks then fired 2 missiles each at the bunker racing through the opening and combined with all the gasoline, the missiles leveled the building just as a large blue figure busted through the ceiling.

Hovering above the burning rubble was Auroran in an Eagle-class R.R.A. " Time for some payback" she shouted. The Eagle’s cannon charged up and fired a tri-homing blast and destroyed the last 3 Ridden’s. The 2 tanks aimed their cannons a shot at Aurie. She dodged the blasts and dived at one of the tanks, landed on top, and started pummeling the tank with blasts from the Eagle’s cannon and jumped off before it exploded.

" I love this thing!" she shouted as she maneuvered her new toy to face the last tank. " Now it’s just you and me". The tank’s pilot’s head popped out a small hatch on the top of the tank. "W-W-We surrender" he shouted with a worried look on his face. " Oh yeah right, like I’m going to fall for that old trick…" she raised the cannon towards the tank and started to charge just as the pilot’s head went back in and launched 2 missiles at her. She fired her tri-homing shot back taking out one missile the other two blasts striking the tank, disabling it. The other missile was sidestepped and caught in midair. " Here’s a taste of your own medicine!" With a swift movement of the controls, Aurie threw the missile back at the tank completely demolishing it into a fiery pile of debris. After she took a quick look around her, she started towards the central bunker.

X was the first of the three to reach the outer perimeter of the main bunker. A large metal fence surrounded it and it sepa from the compound by roughly 75 yards. From what he could see the main defenses was the ground troops. They were setting up for combat. On the roof of the bunker were searchlights and several large laser turrets. X readied himself and took a step towards the fence but stopped. He picked up a small shrapnel and tossed it at the fence. As soon as it touched the fence, it was consumed with electricity. He charged up to maximum and blasted a large hole in the fence, also taking out a few mavericks in the distance. With his makeshift entrance, he dashed into the compound's courtyard. Aurie on the eastern side of the fence saw X as he dashed into the heat of battle. Instead of shooting a hole like X did, she simply jumped over the fence.


" X, I'll take out the turret's on the roof…" Aurie yelled over the sounds of plasma fire! X gave her a quick thumb up then continued blasting the troops blocking the entrance to the bunker. Aurie flew to the top of the bunker and started blasting at the turrets. She destroyed the last 3 with the tri-homing blast just for good measure. X on the ground looked like an avenging azure angel. His graceful movements seen from high atop the bunker mesmerized Auroran. She took her time and got caught up in one of her dreamy sequences. But coming in from the western fence was a hover tank moving at high speeds. She jumped down, fired a few blasts and landed next to X who had taken cover behind an abandoned truck. The hover tank fired a large blast at the remaining forces that were blocking the door.

" What took you so long…?" X asked sarcastically.

" I had to bump someone!" Zero replied. " How did you do X"

" I did pretty well, no problems. How about you Aurie?"

She jumps out of the Eagle and gives X a mad look. " I thought you said this was going to be 'a walk in the park' X". Do you know what hell I had to go through?" she bellows.

" O.K. then, it wasn't all that easy. Are you O.K."

She throws her arms around X and kisses him on the cheek. " I'm fine now that you are here." she replies in a cute little voice.

Zero couldn't help it but laugh a little but his attention quickly went back on the mission. " All right get back" Zero aimed the tank's main cannon at the large metal doors and fired leaving a large hole. He jumped out of the tank and grabbed his saber and activated it. Aurie did the same. X charged his X-buster. All three dashed into the bunker.

Inside was pitch black except for where Aurie and Zero were standing because of their sabers. " Sigma!" X calls out into the darkness and the echo lingers in the large bunker.

"Hehehehehe…HAHAHAHAHAHA! Fools you've walked straight into my trap" Sigma's voice called out from the darkness seemingly coming from all directions.

"Show yourself!" Zero called out.

The lights inside the bunker turned on and Sigma is standing on top a large machine, with his saber in his hand. In the middle of the bunker.

"What's that thing for Siggy, to buff that baldly head of yours!?" Aurie jokes.

"You three have been a thorn in my side for far too long. With this machine, I will send you all through time where you will be no longer a threat to me or my plans."

"Time travel, yeah right Sigma!" X said as he pointed his arm cannon and fired. Sigma easily dodged it and landed in front of a control panel. He pressed a few buttons and the machine began to charge up and in the center of the machine a light blue vortex begins to form. "Time to go X… heeeeyyyyyyyaaaa!!!" Sigma dashed towards X and tried slashing him but misses. Zero and Aurie started attacking with their sabers but Sigma disappears and kicks them both in the back. X charged up and fired, hitting him in the shoulder. " Ah, you'll pay!!!" Sigma fires his eye lasers at X and it had hit him in the chest. Zero dashed at Sigma and slashed him across the chest giving him a long slash mark. Sigma holds his hand on his chest. " Get them!!!" Sigma shouts and all of Sigma's best mavericks come {Vile, Storm Eagle, Flame Stag, Neon Tiger and several others} The battle really starts to get heavy until a wild shot from Neon Tiger's ray splasher damages the control panel. It caused the vortex to suck up everything in the bunker. Several of Sigma's baddies got sucked in first, then Aurie gets pulled in. Then everyone else and the machine itself.

X and everyone else is pulled through a wormhole…

All of a sudden the wormhole ends and a vortex appeared in a clear sunny sky and Sigma and his henchmen along with X, Zero, and Aurie were thrown to the ground along with the machine. Everyone slowly gets up rubbing his or her heads. In the distance X can see Sigma and company running away. He tries to get up but is forced back to the ground by a woman kicking him down.

"FREZZE!!!" She shouts holding a gun to his head. That’s the only image he saw before passing out.

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