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"Chapter 2: The Past Meets the Future"

The sound of electronic beeping, a door unlocking and opening was enough to snap X back into conciseness. He opened his eyes and sat up while holding his head. His vision was blurred for about a second but quickly cleared up. When it did his eye turned towards the door. Three figures were standing in front of the door. X recognized one of them immediately. Two of them were guards and the other was the woman that kicked him down. As she stepped up, X slowly stood up.

" Where is the Human Liberation Line’s H.Q. located?" the tall female demanded.

" What are you talking about? I don’t…"

" You know exactly what I’m talking about!" she boomed and she took a step towards him with an outstretched hand.

" Major…" a voice called out from behind her. A short, bald, middle-aged man holding a cell phone in a gray suit stepped up. " He's not one of them"

" What do you mean he's not one of them? The reports said that the H.L.L. had stolen new weapons and robots."

" It doesn't mean that he is one of them. I just got off the phone with Ishikawa, he hacked into that H.L.L. hangout's main computer as well as all the major robot development corps. There are no records of him being in that H.L.L. hangout or ever being built." He turns towards X " Who are you and where did you come from?"

The realization of what had happened with Sigma and his minions, along with himself and his friends hit X like a ton of bricks. " What's the date" he asked with a look of confusion on his face.

" What?" the man asked with a surprised look on his face.

" What year is this"

" It's 2029, everyone knows that!" he answered

X's face went pale. " This can't be! How the hell did he do this? You have to let my friends and I out of here!" X shouted.

" Not until we get some answers. Now… who are you?" the man asked.

" Let me see my friends first, then you'll get your answers." X replied as he folded his arms.

" Fine then, we'll do it your way. Major?"

" Yes chief?"

" Bring his friends here."

" Yes sir." the woman replied as she turned around and walked out the door along with the two guards. About five later, the major along with 2 different men walked in with Zero, and Aurie walked into the large metal holding cell.

" Meggy!!" Aurie shouted as she ran over to X and gave him a huge hug. The two men by the door just stared at each other and started laughing.

" It's…good…to see…you too!" X struggled to say. In doing so, it made the two men laugh more. Zero tried to hold back a chuckle but ended up laughing. Before long, everyone had settled down. X sat down on the bunk he was lying on earlier, Aurie sat down right next to him and Zero just leaned against the wall.

" All right, now that you all are together, we can finally get some answers. Who are you?" the chief asked.

" I'm Mega Man X…"

" Meggy for short, right?" the larger of the two men joked and started laughing but was stopped by everyone giving him a serious stare. " Okay, okay, I'll stop!" he said and everyone focused back on X.

" That's Zero, and this is Auroran Flash" X continued, pointing them out.

" May we ask who you all are?" Zero adds.

" I am Aramaki, chief of the Public Security Bureau- Section 9, I've believe you've met Major Kusanagi."

" Yes I have… nice to meet you Major."

" Likewise." she said and they both shake hands.

" That's Togusa… " Aramaki continued "… and the big joker over there is Batou."

" Yep, that's… HEY!" he yelled in disgust.

“ Now X, tell us what kind of robot you are. There is no record of any of you being built by any of the major robot factories.” Aramaki  said with a hand on his chin.

“ Well, the reason you can’t find us in your database is because we aren’t from this time. We’re from 90 years in the future.”

“ WHAT!?” everyone yelled.

“ We’re called reploids. We have the ability to think, and make our own decisions as well as express human emotions.“

“ Amazing…” Kusanagi said with a surprised look on her face. “ But if you have the ability to think on your own, why didn’t you try to escape?”

“ Normal reploids can’t harm humans… that’s the 1st rule of robotics. However Mavericks like Sigma break this rule completely. He and his companions kills humans in the blink of an eye and don’t have any regrets.”

  Who’s Sigma?” Togusa asked.

“ Sigma is the main Maverick leader. I’ve killed him 4 times but he just doesn’t die…”X continues on telling them about the Mavericks, Sigma, and life in the future for about an hour.

Meanwhile, in a small warehouse somewhere in Newport City…

“ Doppler!!!” Sigma’s voice boomed and echoed through the large warehouse. Doppler ran up the stairs to the small office Sigma called from.

“ Yes Sigma” he said as he gasped for air.

“ Where is the time machine?”

“ Vile and Neon Tiger are on the way back with it now… in fact, there they are now!” Doppler pointed out as the large metal doors opened revealing the 2 mavericks with the time machine in tow. They both went down the stairs and Doppler started to examine the machine. As he did, Sigma punched Neon Tiger’s lights out.

“ That’s for getting us here! X and his friends were supposed to go to the future! Instead we’re here in… what year is this anyway?”

Doppler pressed a few buttons on the machine. “ It’s 2029, 90 years in the past!.”

“ Can we get back to our own time?” Sigma asked just before the control panel on the machine short-circuited and died.

Does that answer your question?” Doppler scoffed.

“ Can it be repaired?”

“ Considering that the parts wont be created until 90 years from now… no” Doppler answered

“ NO!?” Sigma quickly grabbed Doppler by his lab coat and lifted him up. “ I’ll ask you again… can it be repaired?”

“ I-I believe I can modify some of the components from this time to make the repairs, b-b-but it will take some time…” Doppler answered in a shaky voice.

“ Good!” He drops him and turns towards Vile. “ In the mean time, I want you to get X’s attention and get us some weapons.”

“ Yes sir.” Vile replied in his deep voice. Along with several other mavericks, Vile  ran out the door.

Back at PSB-Section 9 H.Q. X, Zero and Aurie have been released from their cells and are wondering around the base along with Chief Aramaki and Major Kusanagi.

“ So, that’s the future huh?” Kusanagi sighed.

“ Yes… That’s the future.” X said back

  Um Chief? When can we get our sabers back?” Zero asked as he realizes it’s not in its sheath.

“ Oh yes, here.” He puts out the 2 sabers and hands them back to Aurie and Zero. “ The closest things we have to those sabers were on that large battle mech Zebra 27 was using. We destroyed it  2 weeks ago.”

Suddenly a woman in a pink dress shirt came running up to Aramaki. “ Sir…” she panted “ Someone is attacking Section 7 weapons depot”

“ What!?” he yelled. Aramaki, Kusanagi, and the woman all ran down the hall. X, Zero and Aurie just stared but then quickly followed after them. They all came to a large door marked control and went through. The woman sat down at a computer and started to tap buttons on the keyboard. Zero started to lean on a large red metal machine but fell after it had moved from its spot. It tuned around and stared at Zero.

“ Hi !” the machine spoke with a chibified voice. Zero gave is a funny and shocked look.

“ Uh… hi.” He said in return. He was surprised that the thing could speak.

“ Are you O.K.?” it asked

“ Yeah, I just… slipped”

“ I’m Fuchicoma, nice to meet you” it held out one of its small hands and helped him up. “ Who are you?’

“ I’m Zero” he replied with an odd expression on his face. “ How in the…”

“ My A.I. computer” it answered before Zero can let off the question. They both turned their attention to the large screen that just cut on, showing a reporter and a scene of chaos in the background.

“ We’re live from the PBS-Section 7 weapons depot, the scene of utter chaos as…” a purple maverick dashes up, picks her up by the neck and tosses her aside, breaking her neck in the process.

“ We interrupt your regularly scheduled chaos to bring you an maverick report, brought to you by Vile-vision! We’re here at this weapons depot to steal weapons to bring havoc and chaos to this beautiful city of yours in the name of Sigma, the all-powerful Maverick leader. As you can see behind me, the defense forces of this depot stand little chance of stopping us steal all of their best weapons and to serve as a warning to X, you’ll never will get out of this time alive! We now return you to our regularly scheduled chaos!” He drops the microphone and dashes off to do more damage while the camera pans the area just before the whole place explodes and there’s nothing but static.

“ That son of a…” X clenched his fists

“ Major, dispatch  all Fuchicoma’s and stop them!”

“ Right!” She hits a button and speaks into a microphone “ Attention all Fuchicoma drivers, scramble to sector 1820. PBS-Section-7 weapons  depot is under attack. I repeat, all Fuchicoma drivers scramble!”

“ We’re going too! We’ll meet you there!” X yelled over the sound of the scramble alarm

“ What!?” Aramaki shouted. The 3 teleported out of site. “ Get out there Major!”

“ Right!” She climbed into the Fuchicoma and dashed out of the room.

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