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"Chapter 3: Chaos"

The PSB-Section 7 weapons depot was a scene of utter chaos. Flaming debris lay scattered everywhere from a smaller building exploding from the Mavericks onslaught. The main storage building was heavily damaged and on fire in some places while humans lay motionless around the entire building and the deafening sound of fire and explosions was all that was heard. What was left of the Section 7 squad retreated into the building just as the last Fuchicoma was torn apart by Tunnel Rhino and Spark Mandrill. As the remaining humans ran inside, Vile started up a transport truck and drove it into the building, running them over in the process, then pulled a 180-degree turn and came to a stop at the back of the building. Both Storm Eagle and Flame Stag jumped out from the back of the truck and started to toss in metal crates filled with s, s, and laser orbs. Just then X, Zero and Aurie teleported down ready to do battle.

Back the base, Aramaki stared at the static filled screen that was slowly stating to clear up. Through all the static, he managed to see them teleport down. “Amazing!” he said aloud as he picked up a small headset and placed it on his head “ Kusanagi, what’s your ETA?”

“ ETA 3 minutes.” She responded

He takes another hard look at the screen “You must hurry, they’ve already gotten inside the depot, X and his friends are already there!”

“ Understood.”

Back at the depot

“ They’ve gotten inside the depot already!” Aurie pointed out as she grabbed her saber and looks at Mandrill and Rhino. “ I’ll take care of Sparky and Drill face!”

"We’ll go after Vile.” X responded

X and Zero dashed towards the building while Aurie dashed towards Rhino and Mandrill.

Aurie quickly reached to where the large Mavericks were attacking some guards with their weapons. They didn’t even know she was right behind them. “ Oh boys!” The 2 turned around and saw her holding her saber. Rhino let out a string of curse words before she slashed of the drill on his nose and a swift kick to Mandrill’s head. The 3 continued fighting as the guards made their escape.

From all the way inside the depot, Vile spotted X and Zero coming his way. He let out a string of curse words then yelled to the back of the truck. “ Hurry up! X is here!” Stag and Eagle stared at each other for about a second then scrambled into the truck, placing a device on a crate as they went.

“ All set!” Stag called out.

Just as the 2 hunters entered the building, Vile ned down the accelerator. X let off a fully charged blast at Vile but he ducked just as the blast ripped through the windshield and made a hole in the trailer right behind his seat. He popped his head back up and changed gears and raced towards X and Zero. They dived out of the way and the truck zoomed pass them. They both got to their feet but dived for cover again when a few Speed Burner blasts was released from the back of the truck. It then made a sharp right turn and headed straight for Aurie, Rhino, and Mandrill. She was about to finish off Mandrill but was hit from behind by Rhino. Mandrill got to his feet, holding his chest in the process.

“ We’ll…finish this…another time!” he said as he gasped for air. The 2 mavericks jumped onto the truck just as it approached and Aurie rolled out of the way. As it sped off, X ran up to where Aurie was and they both let off a few shots but missed. They both watched helplessly as the truck sped out of site.

“ This day can’t get any worse.” X mumbled

Just then 3 Fuchicoma’s pulled up beside them.

The 3 spider-looking tanks opened their hatches to reveal Kusanagi, Togusa, and Batou.

“ What happened?” Kusanagi asked

“ They got away in a transport truck.” X answered angrily

“ Man these guys sure know how to leave an impression!” Togusa said sarcastically as he looks at the destruction left behind.

“ Where’s Zero?” Batou asked as he sees some guards coming out of the depot, some carrying others.

X and Aurie started towards the building just as the Fuchicoma’s communicator started beeping. Inside Zero was helping aid some guards out of the building. As soon as the last one was out, something in the back of the depot caught his eye. He shot a look over to it and he recognized it immediately. “Oh, no!” He quickly turned around and dashed for the door. X and Aurie were about 15 feet away from the door when Zero suddenly zipped out the door.

“ X! Fire in the hole!!!” he shouted without looking back.

Everyone started to scatter, running every which way, X grabbed Aurie and turned around and started to dash just as the entire building exploded, sending X and Aurie flying a clear 30 feet and landing hard on his back, leaving a long impact trail, Aurie still in his arms. Realizing what had happened, she gave a kiss and rested her head on his shoulder

“ My Hero…” she said with a big smile on her face

X slowly sat up, rubbing his head. “ Don’t say it!”

“… Meggy!”

Zero, Togusa, Kusanagi, and Batou came up to them.

“ Are you alright!?” Togusa asked in a concerned voice.

“ I’ll be alright” X answered as he got to his feet. The 6 stared at the burning rubble that was once a building. Surrounding it was EMT’s and firefighters that had just arrived tending to the wounded and trying to put out the large blaze. Kusanagi interrupted everyone by breaking her stare and clenching her fist.

“ I just got a message from Aramaki, our satellites have a lock on where they are, if we hurry we can catch them!”

“ So what are we waiting for… lets go!” X shouted.

The hatches on the Fuchicoma’s close up and the 3 hunters hopped onto the heads of them. X was on Kusanagi’s, Zero was on Batou’s, and Aurie was on Togusa’s. Together, they dashed off.

5 minutes and about 50 wreaked cars later…

“ Out of my way!” Vile shouted as he rams another car, causing it to spin out of control then smash into another car. Storm Eagle, who was in the front seat with him, started to laugh.

“ That’s 52 boss!’ he cawed as he looked back at the wreaked cars. As he turned back, he was greeted by Vile’s fist.

“ I know that!” Vile snapped, “ Shouldn’t you be back there helping Stag!?

Eagle was holding his beak “ Hef olf mof finfshf.”

“ Then get back there and help him finished!!” Vile boomed. Eagle began to climb through the hole behind Vile’s seat when a loud beeping, and Vile grabbing his arm stopped him. “ We have company!” Vile said as he rammed another car and pointed to the radar screen that was on the dashboard. “ For a 90 year old design, the humans sure knew how to prepare. Now get back there with Rhino and Mandrill and stop them. We need enough time enough time for Stag to finish putting on the teleporter badges.”

Eagle placed his head in the hole and called out to Rhino, Stag and Mandrill. “ Hey guys, we have company! Stag, hurry up with those badges, Rhino and Spark, we have to cover him”. Vile, already off from the dumb Eagle not doing his job, ned down the accelerator-causing Storm to flip into the trailer. Everyone back there started to laugh but stopped as he got to his feet. He ran to the back of the trailer and kicked the doors open. He then flipped himself to the top of the trailer while Spark and Rhino readied their weapons at the door.

About a &fraq12; mile back, X and company were dodging the wreaked cars left behind by the truck. Kusanagi took a look at her mission layout. She noticed that the truck’s speed was moving over the Fuchicoma’s top speed.

“ Damn! They’re going to fast we can’t catch up to them at that speed.”

“ Major what are we going to do?” Batou called back

X’s voice cut off Kusanagi before she could speak. “ Hold on!”

“ What!?” Kusanagi asked. She got her answer from a sudden burst of speed when X activated his acceleration system. The other 2 hunters did the same. About 35 seconds later, they caught up to the truck.

“ Vile! They’re here!!” Storm shouted. Vile looked at the side reflector. For a split second he saw X just before it was shot off. After another string of colorful words, he called back to Flame Stag.

“ Stag, How much longer!”

“ Just a few more!” Stag replied.

Storm, Mandrill, and Rhino fired their weapons at X and company but was easily dodged by the fuchicoma’s high agility. X and Aurie retaliated with a few blasts and the fuchicoma’s fired their Balkan rifles, forcing them to take cover. Just then, Stag placed the last on the final crate. He pulled out a small communicator and tapped a few buttons.

“ Doppler, the badges are in place. Ready for transport.”

“ Stand by.” Doppler’s voice called back.

Stag put the communicator away then ran to the back of the trailer and unleashed a barrage of speed burners at the 6, igniting the pavement along the way.

“ Oh man! Hang on!!!” Kusanagi called out to X just as the 3 fuchicoma’s jumped up a clear 20 feet into the air. As they started to come down, X noticed the crates were disappearing. “ No!!!” he yelled. He unleashed a fully charged blast.

“ HA HA! You lose X!’ Storm cackled just as the rest of the crates and the Mavericks teleported just as the blast ripped through the trailer and hit a fuel tank, demolishing the truck in a fiery explosion. The 3 Fuchicoma’s skidded to a stop a few feet away from the burning debris. X climbed off the Fuchicoma and walked over to the debris. Kusanagi, Batou, and Togusa their hatches but remained in their Fuchicoma’s. Aurie just sat on Togusa’s and Zero just stood besides Batou’s. X reached his hand into the flames and pulled what was left of a teleportation badge.

“ Dammit! I should’ve known they’d used these!” X shouted“ What are those things?” Kusanagi asked.

"Teleportation badges. Whatever they are attached to can teleport anything, depending on the size of a object.”

Beeping suddenly broke the conversation.

“ Oh man! The chief isn’t going to like this!” Batou mumbled to Togusa. He nodded in agreement.

“ Kusanagi, status.” Aramaki’s voice called out.

“ Sir, they got away with the weapons.”

Over the radio, they heard the sound of Aramaki slamming his hand on a desk. “ Damn! It’s bad enough we have to worry about one group, now we have 2 groups to worry about. Now that Section-7 is out of the the H.L.L. will most likely try to mount an offensive. You tried your best, return to base.”

“ Rodger and out. Alright, lets get out of here!” Kusanagi announced. X was standing on the edge of the speedway, looking at the sun set over the bay area. He turned around and hopped back onto the Fuchicoma and the 6 sped away.

Back at the Maverick’s hideout,

“ Crude but efficient. You’ve done well Vile” Sigma said with a pleased voice as he examines the weapons.

“ Thank you Sigma.”

“ Now, if only we can get rid of those blue, scarlet and purple pests. Without them, the humans of this time will easily fall” he begins to laugh wickedly and Vile began to laugh but stopped when he saw Doppler come running up to them. Sigma stopped as well.

“ Master Sigma, by using these components from the teleporter badges and modifying some of the components from these weapons, I can make enough repairs to make a wormhole long enough to communicate with our allies in the future and tell them about the second time machine.”

“ Ha!” Vile scoffed. “ Which one of those dumb-bots is actually smart enough to work that thing?”

Doppler gave Vile a cold stare. “ Serges knows enough to work the machine on the other end of the timeline. If he doesn’t, I can send him the information to him. All I need is several hours to make the repairs.”

“ Will the wormhole be stable enough to send object through?” Sigma asked as he gave Doppler an angry look.

Knowing what will happen if he said what Sigma didn’t want to here he answered, ” Enough for 1 object.”

“ Excellent! Notify me as soon as the repairs are completed.”

“ Yes master!”

Vile and Sigma walked off and Doppler started to work on the machine

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