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Where do you want to teleport?


As you probably figured out, this is the updates page. Everything that is new will be posted up here to let you guys, gals, and reploids know what's new here at the base. And now, on to the updates!

January 31 2000: Opening day!!! Ah it feels to to finally have this page up!

For the first day there is fanart from me and Bobcat. Check it out at the fanart page.

I have fanfics too! There is Blaze with Time Crisis and me with Blast to the Past. Check them out at the Fanfics page

Hope you enjoy the opening cuz the next update will probably won't be here for a while (stupid Math) I shall be around so and if you need to get in touch with me, just mail me!


February 4, 2000: The first update! Things are coming along quite nicely I must say!

For fanfics we have chapter 15 of Blaze's Time Collision up and if I'm lucky chapter 4 (complete) of Blast to the Past, and now we have 2 new authors, Gelgameth with RMX: The Reploid Wars and Night Doppler with Apocalypse. Check them all out at the Fanfics page

A new pic from me in the fanart page.

Added a few names in the friends list in the About Me section.

Not in all a big update, but it's a start! Until the next update, send send send!!! Send feed back, send a link to your site, send me a pizza for all I care, JUST SEND!!!


February 12, 2000: (better Gelg?) Now in the Fanfics page we have a new author, Emerald, and something new from Blaze.

Added some names in my About Me section.

A new piece of art up by me in the fanart page.

Next update I'll have something new up and It'll be big (I hope more people will send)


February 27, 2000: Off all week and now I get the update done, hey, it is a big update....

Up in the Fanfics page we have chapter 16 of Time Collision and FINALLY the completed version of chapter 4 of Blast to the Past. Took me long enough....

New artist on the fanart page.

Not only do I have new names in my About Me section, I have several Midi's I made AND a picture of me up! It didn't come out well but it show's my face!

Lat but not least, a new link in the Links section.

Kinda big, but big enough.... enjoy people!


March 3, 2001: Oh my... it's been a year since I updated! Oh man! Where did I go!? Ah well.. Even though there isn't much for me to talk about this time, I have Updated the About Me section and the main page... I promise more will come. Attention, for anyone that has sent me anything in the past year, you will have to resend it and when you do, contact me first Via one of the items that is on the main page and it'll be up next update.