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Where do you want to teleport?

(messy room? Nah... It's clean now ^_^''')

All about X .

Real Name: X, okay my real name is Brian Terry (whoever calls me that will be shot on sight!)

Age: 17. My birthday is March 29th. 

Sex: I'll give you 2 guesses...

Siblings: One older brother. (note to self, don't tell them how Joe beat you up all the time when you were young. Huh? Oh crap.)

Pets: 4 fish, and a ferret named Snowflake...she's so cuuuuuuute!

Likes: MMX, Anime, sleeping, my friends, internet, playing playstation alllllllll day long, and any movie that has a lot of action in it, on occasion a good drama like Titanic (don't ask)... 

Dislikes: Just about everything else.

Favorite food: Stuffed crust pepperoni pizza! yuuuuuuumm

Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper.

Favorite T.V. show: Star Trek Voyager with Pokemon and Digimon coming in a close second and third, then comes Celebrity Deathmatch, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel. (one of these days I will make a MIDI of his opening song)

Favorite Games (anybody noticing a pattern here?): MMX 1-5, FF7-9 running a close 2nd (only due to the fact that I love MMX so much), Breath of Fire 3-4, Parasite Eve, just about any other RPG I'll play, Ghost in the Shell (hence my MMX-GITS crossover), Resident Evil 1-3 and much more!

Favorite subject: I HATE SCHOOL!!! But at least aviation and gym is worth my time! Everything else can go down the crapper! Oh, and I rock in vollyball! SPIKE!!!! Sorry..

Favorite Music Type: Trance and Techno... They are basically the same thing but they have their differnces

(and finally) Favorite Songs: Let's see, I have a lot of these... "Girl on TV" LFO, "I still believe" Mariah Carey...and moving onto video game songs, A One-Winged Angel, Donden (one of the boss battle songs in BoF3), Zero's theme from X2-X5 and X's theme from X4 and X5 and the first 2 boss stages in X2 and a lot more!

Friends: Ice Blue X, Aurie, Magnus, Gelgameth, Zeb8, Buzzsaw the Righteous, Emerald, Blaze, Destiny, Bobcat, Night Doppler, Lady Red Draco, Slash, Neko-Chan, Rachel (Mew), Luna Tiger, Stonecore, Neo Shroud, Pluto, Hou.... 

True Love: Celia Hobbs AKA Amie Wellingston

If anyone who I know that I have forgotten, just shoot me!

Well, you know just about everything about me! 

Here are some midi's that I've made over the years.... only to and they are pretty recent.

Auroran Flash's Theme: Based off Zero's theme from X3, I made this song for Aurie.... hey, I felt she needed a theme so I made one!

Ice Blue X's Theme: Based again off Zero's X3 theme, I made this one of Ice, Like like the way I did this one....

Zero theme Remixed: Listen to this one....heheheh!