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"The newbie goyle and now half vamp of the Miniclan"

Updated: 1/7/01

Name: Orlando

Nickname: 'Lando, Oreo, Cookie... don't ask....


AIM: Rainan 1

Yahoo Messager: Rainan1

ICQ: 97382342 nick: Orlando

Homepage: Does it matter? It's a page that is TOTALLY not related to Gargoyles.

Age: 21

IRL Age: 17

Species: Full Gargoyle, turned into a half vamp from his EX-mate.

Gender : Male

Mate: none now...

Turn to Stone?: Yeah but at his own will.

Likes: s, video games, friends, humans, anime, flying, helping people.

Dislikes: Being picked on,  annoying people.

Appearance: *look at pic above* Has orange skin and long deep blue hair that comes down his face and reaches his lower back, normally wears et and black shorts but will wear just about anything. Can also change into a human form... pic of it will be up soon... in the mean time... RL pic of me here.... just take that pic and add the hair and the eyes and you'll get Orlando's human form.

Personality: Is kind and gentle to his friends and the people he loves, can act a little insane at times and has a good temper, just don't piss him off...

Expertise:  *Magical* After playing a lot of video games, RPG's mostly, 'Lando has learned magic on his own and refined them to be just like the spells from the games. Uses several elemental spells... Inferno (fire), Blizzard (ice), Tsunami (water), Myollnir (lightning), Earthquake (earth) and Typhoon (wind) {In case your wondering, yes these are the magic skills in Breath of Fire 3 and yes they do look the same}

*Non-magical* Is excellent in karate (watches a ton of karate flicks) and learned most of his fighting techniques from his original clan and is good with weaponry, his most used weapon, when needed, is a glaive and can kick major butt with it. Another thing that Orlando has is what most goyles can't do... the actual ability to fly. His large and strong wings can propell him through the air like a bird! Cool ne?

Genealogy: unknown

Pets/children: no kids but does have a pet Raichu O_o

History: (okay I finally have some time...) Born in San Fransico, Orlando was born into clan Varia surround by females. In fact, in Orlando was the only male goyle to ever been born in the clan's history even though the clan did have males in it. Well anyway... Orlando was a very active young goyle and the clan leader Morrigan quickly got him to learn the ways of fighting. Morrigan herself was a fierce fighter and she quickly used Orlando's energy to focus on fighting. At the age of 4, Orlando was the second best fighter in the clan, and fighting off goyles that were twice his size! It was then when he decided on a name. Seeing a small brochure about Florida, the name Orlando stuck out at him and he quickly adopted it. At the age of 10, the Varia clan was in a constant state of being attacked for the fact that they contained great wealth, not to mention the females that the clan comprised of.  A rival clan attacked them to try to steal away a female or 2 as well as a few eggs. When this happened, Orlando jumped in and fought off any attackers, even killing a few at a young age. It was then, Morrigan gave him a new weapon... a special diamond edged glaive that she uses in battle. He quickly learned how to use it and his skills in  combat improved even more. At the age of 13, the clan started to disperse to go find a better clan due to the fact that the Vaira clan was attacked constantly. Soon it was just Orlando and Morrigan left of the clan.  Morrigan hearing about some mystical amulet somewhere in Florida set off alone to go find it, but not before revealing that she was his mother. As tears filled his eyes as he watched mother leave, Orlando slowly started on a quest to find a place... over the corse of the next 8 years, he traveled from state to state looking for the right clan to join. His search lead him to New York and it was there he found a place to settle and fell for the craze that was among human childern... video games! It was then he started to learn magic from playing a lot of RPG games and in doing so, he learned how to stop his transformation into stone. Out on a night flight, Orlando met up with a half vamp named Enyo (heheh) and she seemed upset. Orlando gladly cheered her up and with her help, joined the Miniclan. Not long after that, Enyo and Orlando became great friends and  they started to date. Not long after they started going out, Orlando voluntarily allow her to change him into a half vamp. It is then he learns that he can now shapeshift and have a human form.After a slightly confusing relationship, Enyo and Orlando broke up and for right now both are single but still good friends/

(well, it's done... for now... anyone who wants me to change anything may mail me and I'll get back to you ASAP. ^_^)