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Welcome to X's 17 Maverick Hunter Base!~ Where Do You Want To Teleport Today?

The music currently playing is the Boss Stage Music from MMX2
Updated On 3/14/01

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The Change Has Arrived...

The time has finally come... the change that will (HOPEFULLY) boost visitors to my site... The birth of MMX: Maverick Hunter H.Q. Chat/RP has finally arrived... *evil cackle* Okay you didn't hear that... Anyways the chat has been set up and is ready to be used by anyone that is willing to come in... As of right now there isn't a definite set time and RP set for the chat but expect that coming very soon. I'm currently looking for new Message Board provider since Inside the Web has died... boo hoo... exspect more coming soon. ^_^


Welcome to X's 17th Maverick Hunter Base! I am Mega Man X, leader of the 17th Maverick Unit and the owner of this website. This site once it's complete, it with have fanart, fanfics, a message board, and hopefully much more. Enjoy your stay and watch out for mavericks! You can use the links located on the top of the page to navigate through the site thus far, and don't forget to sign the guestbook and send me some feedback! Then, when you're done here, head over to the links page and visit other people's sites. A special thanks go out to Ice Blue X for helping me with this page. Without her, I don't think we'll be here, Thanks Ice!

Wanna contact me? Well, you're in a lot of luck! I have just about every IM service there is, no wonder my comp crashes a lot... heh...

AIM: Mega Man X 01,  Rainan 1, Shinkuno329 (using this one the most) 

Yahoo Messenger: Rainan1, 

MSN Messenger: use  to contact me 

 ICQ: 97382342 Nickname is Either Orlando or Teepo

If you can't use these, just use the e-mail addy above to mail me and I'll instruct you from there.

Visitors have come to X's 17th Maverick Hunter Base

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