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Where do you want to teleport?


"Transport 3X2 leaving from the 17th unit Maverick Hunter H.Q. is now boarding." Well, want to leave? Fine, just make sure you signed the guestbook and make sure to come back here.


MMX: The Reploid Wars: My friend Auroran Flash's site. She finally got the updated version of her site up, and it looks so much better, not to mention the Midi's that are there sound very good... thing is that now she no longer updates the thing, and with the Message Board that everyone goes to there, I have a feeling this is the last you'll see of it... however, the links here still works and you can read a lot of good fics there.

Ice Blue X's Crossroads: My dear friend Ice Blue X's site. It's been I while since I last been there... but from quick glances, it looks like it have undergone MAJOR renovations! Go check it out!

Emerald's Sprite production page: Due to the death of Inside the Web MB's Emerald's site is also dying, however, he is still doing sprites from what I understand... contact him and he'll keep in touch

Bobcat's Cavern: Bobcat's site has also undergone renovations since the last time I updated.. Wow it still looks good... however, you still need that flashlight! ^_^ 

Gelgameth's Portal: Nice little Rockman/Rockman X site (from what he's told me, he likes the name Rockman better than Mega Man. It's probably because he likes all the Japanese names from Anime and games) Nice fanart and fanfics too! However, as my site, it hasn't been updated in a while! >_< Ouchy... still a go looker!

Mechadrake Assemblies Inc.: STILL one of the best MMX Sites out there! A definite  bookmark for andy MM Fan!


If you would like to link to me, just drop me a line!